Review Three

“Happy Trails is an outstanding pet sitting company!  Owner Stephanie Brown, with her vet tech and nutrition skills, enabled her to handle situations in our absence. She took care of all of our pets (dog, cats, horses, birds, and chickens) as if they were her own for 15 years until we moved recently. Professional, trustworthy, and kind. We were so fortunate to find you!”

Review Two

“Happy Trails watched our dog while we were away for Spring Break and did such an amazing job! Mac had surgery for a torn ligament in his leg 2 weeks before our vacation so needed some physical therapy and really slowly regimented walks, not to mention a little extra TLC. It was very clear that he got all that and more from Happy Trail’s owner Stephanie! I was worried that he would be lonely at home alone for the whole week but he seemed very happy and more relaxed then usual when we got home. Additionally, we had some issues with our house while we were away and Stephanie was there to help fix the problem. I will definitely have Stephanie watch Mac again and highly recommend her for anyone looking for really great in-home pet care.”

Review One

“My dogs love when Happy Trails comes to visit and you can genuinely feel that they love them to!!! We have used Happy Trails  several times and have always been impressed with the quality of work and service. I would use Happy Trails services every time and would highly recommend it. Once you get use to the convenience and quality you will understand”