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Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services in Long Valley. NJ

Keeping pets Happy, Healthy and Safe along with giving clients Peace of Mind

Daily Dog Walking

As Needed Daytime Dog Walking Available 7 days a week from 9am-6pm and the perfect fit for long days away from your fur baby or just when you want them to get their energy out!!

Dog Walking 15 min $22
Dog Walking 30 min $29
Dog Walking 45 min $38
Dog Walking 60 min $51

We offer an amazing VIP discounted dog walking services that’s an amazing way to secure your pup/s mid-day time slot and SAVE money!!

Make your pet’s day brighter while you’re at work!! The gift of a mid-day walk is so beneficial to you and your dog!!

We cater each visit entirely around your pups needs and what makes him/her the happiest. Maybe your pup craves an exciting hike down the trail?

Perhaps a nice leisurely loop around the neighborhood would be the best thing ever? Some pups just want to play fetch in the back yard and get some treats after they go potty!!

Whatever your pup needs we can provide it as well as peace of mind for you that you’re getting your pup the absolute best care possible!!

This is also so beneficial to senior pets who just need more stimulation throughout the day! Just because you think they’ll sleep all day, doesn’t mean they should!! Staying active in your senior years, (just like for humans) has been proven over and over again, to extend the health and happiness of your pup!

We also have a VERY flexible cancellation policy as we know how your days can change with short notice!!

Pet Sitting

Starting at $25 per visit

As an alternative to a kennel, our professional pet sitters provide your pets plenty of love and affection in your home while you’re away. 

Puppy Care

Starting at $25 per visit

Puppy Visits are so important for the well being of your new furry family member

We offer lots of love and care for our youngest fur clients.  We emphasis a stricter schedule to ensure potty training success  and tidy up if any accidents or destruction should happen in your absence   We are here to make the ‘Puppy” stage as easy as possible for our clients!

Kitty Pit Stops

Starting at $22 per visit

Our Pit Stop service is a 5–10-minute visit to provide fresh water, food, and fresh litter box for our kitty friends Some kitties are a little shy and less social so we are happy to come and care for their needs and get a quick eyeball on them to make sure all is well. We will also bring in the mail and take out or bring in your garbage while visiting!!
Provided 8am-8pm or as an “ANYTIME Visit” slot 7 days a week, we can keep everything back at home running smoothly for your hidey kitty family member.

Hobby Farm Sitting

Starting at $26 per visit

We LOVE chickens, donkey’s, goats, pigs and mini ponies!!  We work with a very diverse group of small farm animals and LOVE learning about new ones!  We ensure a regular schedule is kept so business as usual down at the barn while you are away traveling or just need to spend the day out!  We love to keep the barnyard clean and organized for our clients and can even offer spring and fall barn cleanups.

Dog Hikes

Starting at $55 for 1 hour hike

Some pups just need more then a nice walk around the block, they need adventure! We offer 1 Hour Hikes for these special high energy pups! We come to your pup’s home and take them to the closest park to their home to enjoy the great outdoors. These services are very limited and take careful scheduling to ensure the greatest experience is had by your special adventure seeking fur kid. We do not do pack walks so this will be a special one on one experience for your pup! (we will take multiple dogs from the same household if they enjoy Hiking together)

House Sitting

Starting at $18 per visit

Sometimes when you head out of town you just need someone to pop over and ensure everything is ok back at home. We offer House Sitting for just that purpose! We happily can stop over, get your mail, packages, walk through to check for any home issues and provide extra security, giving your home that lived in look keeping trouble away! We can visit as frequently or infrequently as you prefer and what will work with your travel plans.

Happy Trails - Pet Taxi<br />

Pet Taxi

Starting at $25 1 way (within 5 mi)

Happy Trail’s pet taxi services provide transportation for your pets to doggy daycare, boarding, grooming, and veterinarian appointments. Each pet taxi includes pick up and drop off, a private air-conditioned ride and a potty break. For appointments lasting an hour or less, we offer a service that includes waiting and returning them home. You can customize your pet taxi service by adding additional pets, miles, and hours or arrange transportation for before or after business hours

Happy Trails - Wedding Services

Wedding Services

Please call for consultation and pricing

Happy Trails offers a variety of Wedding Services so your pup/s can be part of your Big Day!! From photo’s to walking down the aisle!!
We believe our furbabies are true members of our family and they deserve to be part of your special day. The comfort, care and safety of your furbaby is our highest priority. With our expertise in pet care, you will have 100% peace of mind everything will run PURR-fectly on your special day.

Cancellation Policy

We understand that life happens and sometimes you need to cancel services. Of course, nobody likes to have to pay for a service they did not use. However, we are trying to employ a great staff who love and care for your animals, and sometimes this means you have to pay for a short-notice cancellation. In order to provide the absolute best care to our clients, keep our team members happy & productive, and ensure our office is operating as efficiently as possible, we have implemented a Cancellation Policy on all visits

Here we explain the what and why behind our policies.


Daily dog walks (Our VIP’S)

Visits which recur on the schedule weekly

  • Visits must be cancelled by 9pm the night prior to scheduled start time in order to avoid being charged in full. There is no charge if you cancel by 9pm the night prior

Pet Sitting

Defined as multiple daily visits for more than one consecutive day), Cat Sitting, Farm Care etc:

  • Visits are subject to a 24-hour cancellation policy. If cancelled within 24 hours of the start date, Client will be invoiced and responsible for 100% of the total invoice for booked/confirmed services. This also applies to services that are cut short, for instance, if the Client returns early and cancels remaining services. Any cancellations made to a service the day of a booked service will be invoiced in full for remainder of booked services

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