Halloween Pet Safety

Halloween Pet Safety

Halloween is fast approaching and people are running out of time to make sure their costume is perfect and the decorations are ready to go.

One thing people should not forget to do is ensure their pets are safe and sound. Dangers are all  around Halloween night for dogs and cats, but a few simple precautions can ensure pets make it through the period unscathed.

Pets ingesting candy is one of the top dangers. If a pet ingests baker’s chocolate, for example, it can make their nervous system overactive and the pets seem drunk.  Most of the chocolate ingestion that Vet’s see is from milk chocolate such as M&Ms, which causes gastrointestinal problems and vomiting. Remember, the smaller the dog, the easier it is for them to ingest a toxic dose.

Even the wrappers surrounding the candy can be just as dangerous as the candy itself. Ingesting foil and plastic can cause pets to experience diarrhea and feel discomfort. If owners suspect their pets ingested candy, they should call their veterinarian or a 24-hour emergency animal clinic.

Candy is not the only food that is harmful to pets. As more people replace chocolate with raisins and other healthy food items, the dangers don’t go away. Pets can experience kidney failure if they ingest raisins, and experience gastrointestinal problems when they ingest food that is high in sugar or fat.

The dangers don’t stop with food, as the costumes that many people dress their pets in can also prove dangerous.

Even though it looks cute, try to resist the urge to put your pet in a costume unless under constant supervision   Also be sure your pet does not get tangled up in Halloween decorations, or come into contact with jack-o-lanterns filled with candles.

It’s best to try to keep cats inside the day of Halloween. Each year there are reports of people stealing and harming cats, especially black cats that are common in Halloween lore and superstition.

halloween pet safetyThere is an increase in people wanting to adopt black cats around Halloween, but some shelters don’t allow people to adopt cats during October. The reasons range from the fear that the owners may either be simply adopting the cat for a Halloween party and then will let the cat go, or possibly having more sinister reasons for adopting.

Even though cats may be in more physical danger, the experts said dogs should also be kept inside. We suggest not bringing your family dog on trick or treating as they could get scared or spooked by other people wearing costumes and if your child is walking them they may not be strong enough to keep a hold of the leash.

The experts say that owners should not feel bad about putting their pets in crates and kennels to keep them safe. A lot of dogs are trained to go to a kennel, so it might be a good idea to go ahead and kennel, especially the nervous dogs.  Keeping dogs kenneled or putting them in another room keeps them in a safe quiet environment away from stressors such as kids who are boisterous. Also, there is always chance they can slip out the front door and run off when it is opened for children.

No need to stress, even with the danger’s pets can face, there is no need to stress out during a time that is supposed to be fun. Basically, by making sure your pet is wearing their collar and tags and keeping them inside, you and your pets can have a fun and safe Halloween.

Don’t let dogs or cats ingest human food.  Chocolate can cause pets to have gastrointestinal problems and overactive nervous systems, while raisins can cause kidney failure.

  • Be cautious if dressing pets up in Halloween costumes.  Pets that are not used to being dressed up may chew on or swallow parts of their costume, which can lead to gastrointestinal issues.
  • Allowing children to walk the dog while trick-or-treating can be dangerous if the children are not strong enough to keep a spooked dog from ripping the leash out of their hands.  Many things such as loud children and wild costumes can spook dogs.
  • Keep pets inside the house and put them in their kennels if they are prone to acting nervous around boisterous children
  • Make sure dogs and cats are wearing their collar and tags in case they get out of the house.  This will ensure they can be rightfully returned to their owners.
  • Don’t let dogs or cats ingest human food.  Chocolate can cause pets to have gastrointestinal problems and overactive nervous systems, while raisins can cause kidney failure.


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